17 Mar
  • By Jerry Smith
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COVID-19 Update

From Pastor Matthew’s  update on Sunday, March 15, 2o2o

The boards met after church and have decided the following: Next Sunday there will be no Sunday School, worship, or Lenten Family Night.  The office will be open this week as usual.  Also, we will not have lovefeast on March 29.  A decision on whether or not to have service at all will be made after next Sunday.

We are going to closely monitor this unfolding coronavirus pandemic and make decisions on a week by week basis.  Let’s keep our church, nation, and the world in our prayers.

We regret not being able to assemble on a regular basis at this time.  Even so, the ministry of the church will go on.  I will still be available for any pastoral needs.

During this time that we are not able to meet for worship, it is important to remember that the financial needs of the church will continue.  You may mail your offering to the church and the financial treasurer will receive it directly.

I will continue to communicate to the congregation by email.  If you have family members or friends who do not have email, please keep them informed.

Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.  Though it is a difficult time, it is also an opportunity for us to truly be the body of Christ.  We are a fellowship of believers joined together, not by a church building, but by our mutual faith in Christ.  Let us continue to serve the Lord together!

Pastor Matthew

Jerry Smith