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A Time To Give Thanks

I imagine most of those who receive this newsletter are aware of my recent acceptance of a call to serve as the Direc- tor of Youth, College and Young Adult Ministries in our province. My last Sunday as your pastor will be Sunday, No- vember 18, and my last service which I will lead as pastor will be our Community Thanksgiving Service on Wednesday, November 21. I think it’s interesting that sixteen years ago when our family was moving into the parsonage across from the church, the first service we attended at Olivet was the Community Thanksgiving Service which was the Sunday be- fore I was installed as Olivet’s pastor.


October 2012

God Will Get Your Name Right

As I was thinking about what to share in this newsletter article, I looked back on what I shared in my last year’s Oc- tober newsletter article. In last year’s article I talked about running in the 5K Race at the Moravian Festival, and how one of the things that struck me was the announcer at the finish line calling everyone’s name with people cheering as they made it to the finish line. I used that experience to share how I hope to hear the Lord say “Doug Rights is coming to the finish line” when I get to the end of my life on earth and enter into the everlasting joy of God’s heavenly kingdom.


September 2012

Everything Is Possible With God

This past month we had an awesome week of Vacation Bible School. Once again our church family offered an in- credible and uplifting experience for the children of our church and community. Many people in our church helped put on a great event which included wonderful decorations, delicious meals, inspiring music, Bible lessons, fun games and interesting crafts. Once again I feel our church family put its best foot forward to provide a great Vacation Bible School for everyone who came.


August 2012

Some Vacation Thoughts

I hope everyone is having a good summer. Even though the days are longer in the summer, for me summer seems to be the shortest time of the year. I feel like we just celebrated Memorial Day (which I consider the start to summer) and by the end of this month we will be close to celebrating Labor Day (which I consider the end of summer). I realize for some of you summer may not seem that short. I can see where you can say it has been a long, and especially hot, sum- mer. Still for me the weeks of June, July and August seem to fly by.


July 2012

How Are We Doing This Year

We are halfway through 2012. For my article this month I would like to give you an update on how we are doing on our church goals for the year. Our church theme for 2012 is “Show to Others the Love God Has Shown to Us!” which is a theme based on our church’s 2012 watchword which is listed on the heading of this page and is Psalm 103:11:

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him.” Psalm 103:11

Our 2012 church goals are:


June 2012

Some Courageous Questions

Recently I’ve thought about some important questions I feel we need to ask ourselves as Christians. These questions are:

Do I let God be the authority in my life?
Do I follow and do the things God tells me to do?
Do I stand for what is right and rebuke what is wrong?
Do I love and accept those who do not agree with me?


May 2012

Courageous Families

For the past several years for the Sundays between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we have had a family emphasis at Olivet. Most of the time this emphasis has been done with a family series of sermons. This year our family emphasis is going to be more than just a series of messages.

Last month our church showed the movie “Courageous” which many people attended. There are others who have seen this movie in theaters and in their homes. In the film, four law officers are confident and focused when standing up to the worst the streets have to offer, but leading their families at home in a God-honoring way is something quite differ- ent. These men discover that leading their families in the right way takes courage.


April 2012

Jesus is the Reason for the Season...
And For So Much More!!!

“Jesus is the Reason for the Season” is the popular slogan you hear preachers say at Christmas, and you see this slo- gan during the Christmas holiday season on label pins, bumper stickers, and car magnets. In December, Jesus truly is the reason for celebrating Christmas. We celebrate the fact that God sent His Son as a baby born in a manger. We re- member the stories of shepherds and wise men coming to Jesus. In our minds we see a peaceful manger scene with a beautiful new baby that is born. We celebrate God’s great love for you and me as He sent His one and only Son to the world.


March 2012

We Care About You

I believe the Olivet Moravian Church is a very loving and caring church. I believe our church is filled with people who love and care for each other. I know you have two pastors who love and care for each of you.


February 2012

Watchword, Theme and Goals for 2012

At our last service of 2011, Bolton Beroth drew our church’s watchword for 2012. The reason I am sharing this with you now is I did not have this information when I wrote my article for the January newsletter. Bolton drew a great verse of Scripture for our church which is...


December 2011

I Wish I Was There!

On Saturday, November 19, I had something happen that never happened to me before. I imagine many of you have heard by now that I had an accident at our Work Day at Laurel Ridge. While working with a wood splitter, my right index finger was nearly cut off. Fortunately, there was enough of the finger connected for surgery to be done to keep the finger.



Thank You

In many places in the Bible it tells us to “give thanks!” We should always give thanks, and the month of November which includes Thanksgiving is always a time when I think about the things I am thankful for. One of the items at the top of my thanksgiving list is our church, and for this month’s newsletter article I would like to express my thanks to you with a thank you letter.



God Is Wild About You

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2011. For my newsletter article this month, I want to share how we are doing so far with our church goals. Our 2011 church goals are...


JuLY 2011

How Are We Doing So Far This Year?

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2011. For my newsletter article this month, I want to share how we are doing so far with our church goals. Our 2011 church goals are...



June 2011

A Value Lesson For Some of the Main Things to Value!

As we begin the month of June, we are about three weeks from Mother’s Day and about three weeks to Fa- ther’s Day. This article is for moms and dads, but it’s also for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who has the opportunity to impact the lives of children and youth.



May 2011

You've Got To Hear This!

(or in other words, please take the time to read this!)

Each year when I teach our church’s Confirmation Class, one of the last things I do with the class is get together with them the Friday evening before Palm Sunday. We have a dinner at our home. Then we go to the church, and the class walks through what they will be doing during the Sunday service when they will be baptized or confirmed. The last thing we do that evening is have a time of sharing in the church parlor.



April 2011


In my basketball playing days my teams would say “man up” to let everyone know we were playing a man to man defense. In more recent years “man up” has become an expression which means to get someone to do something, to step it up and to do the right thing. I believe it is an expression that some of us need to hear when it comes to our church.
One of our church goals this year is to have more people involved in our church and more people taking leadership roles. I realize there are a lot of you who do not need to read what I am about to share. Many who receive this newslet- ter are very active and involved in the life of our church which helps make Olivet Moravian a great church! There are others who need to hear the following words;



March 2011


Recently Kathy and I visited one of the most awesome places. It’s not Olivet Moravian, although I feel our church is an awesome place and we have an awesome group of people. The place we visited was the Biltmore House in Ashe- ville. Before coming to Olivet when our family lived in Asheville, we purchased season passes for the Biltmore House and would go a few times during the year. This past year Kathy and I attended a marriage conference in Asheville in which we received some discounted Biltmore House tickets which we turned into discounted season passes.


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