A Time To Give Thanks

I imagine most of those who receive this newsletter are aware of my recent acceptance of a call to serve as the Direc- tor of Youth, College and Young Adult Ministries in our province. My last Sunday as your pastor will be Sunday, No- vember 18, and my last service which I will lead as pastor will be our Community Thanksgiving Service on Wednesday, November 21. I think it’s interesting that sixteen years ago when our family was moving into the parsonage across from the church, the first service we attended at Olivet was the Community Thanksgiving Service which was the Sunday be- fore I was installed as Olivet’s pastor.

Here is my last newsletter article for you which I believe is my 191st article. Thank you to everyone who read some, most or all of them. I know of at least one person who read them all – my mom!

In my almost 16 years as your pastor, I have so much to be thankful for. I’m very thankful to the wonderful staff I’ve served with who include Pastoral Assistants Rachel Desmarais, Jon Walker, Art Beroth and Bill Campbell; Direc- tor of Christian Education, Max Spach; Church Secretaries Clara Edmonds and Kandis Fox; Choir Directors the late Denny Fordham, Nancy Whicker and Rachel Desmarais, and our Church Organist, Fred Wood. I’m thankful for the church boards I have served with. I believe our church has been very blessed these past years with wonderful Elders and Trustees who have provided great leadership for our church family. I’m thankful for the committees I’ve served on and the many people who faithfully serve on these committees; some who have served longer on them than I’ve been here. I’m thankful for numerous events, programs and services these past years that have touched my life and made a difference to me and many others such as our 150th Anniversary celebration in 2001, our Purpose Driven Life campaign, Financial Peace University, and our Campfire Services. I’m thankful for some great groups I’ve enjoyed being a part of such as our Senior Friends, Men’s Fellowship and Youth Fellowship. I’m thankful for some of the great things our church has done such as have a new playground, a new pavilion and purchase of more property.

What I’m most thankful for are you, the people of Olivet. There are so many of you who not only make a difference in the life of our church, but who also make a difference in my life. I’m thankful for the many special people I got to know who have now gone on to be with the Lord who are too numerous to name here. I’m thankful for the many of you who are still here who are also too numerous to name here. Particular times I’ve greatly appreciated your love and sup- port was when Kathy’s father and my father passed away and I appreciated the many of you who helped celebrate Kathy’s and my 50th birthdays while we’ve been at Olivet.

Olivet Moravian is a very special church. Even though soon I will not be your pastor, I am looking forward to spending some time at Olivet as a member. I also look forward to see who God will call to have the privilege to serve as your next pastor. Please keep our Joint Board in your prayers as it begins the call process. I believe God continues to have even greater things in store for this church family. I believe your new pastor will be someone that can take Olivet to the next level as our church family continues to reach out and receive more new members from our growing commu- nity. I believe a new pastor will help bring our average worship attendance beyond the 230 to 240 average range we’ve had for the past several years. I believe God will provide a pastor who will love you and serve you and make a differ- ence in your lives and in this church. And I believe God will continue to use so many of you who give of your time, your talents and your resources to God and to this church which helps make Olivet the great church it is.

So Olivet Moravian – thank you!

In Christ’s love and service,



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