Everything Is Possible With God

This past month we had an awesome week of Vacation Bible School. Once again our church family offered an in- credible and uplifting experience for the children of our church and community. Many people in our church helped put on a great event which included wonderful decorations, delicious meals, inspiring music, Bible lessons, fun games and interesting crafts. Once again I feel our church family put its best foot forward to provide a great Vacation Bible School for everyone who came.

The theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School was “SKY VBS Where Everything Is Possible with God!” This was a great theme not only for our Vacation Bible School, but I believe it is a marvelous theme for each of us. Every- thing is possible with God and what that means is everything that God wants for your life is possible. However all the things that God has for you does not just happen. There are things that you and I need to do, and the main thing is to trust God. In this year’s Vacation Bible School, there were Bible Points each day which were the following:

No matter who you are – trust God! No matter how you feel – trust God! No matter what people do – trust God! No matter what happens – trust God! No matter where you are – trust God!

The key to experience everything God has for you is to trust God no matter what. Along with trust is also doing what God wants you to do. As you trust God and follow God, I believe you will experience the words to this year’s Vacation Bible School theme song which goes:

You will fly, you will soar – nothing is impossible. You will rise through the storm, trusting God and leaving your fears behind. You will fly!

When you trust God and do what God wants you to do, you will know and experience that everything is possible with God!

In Christ’s love and service,



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