Some Vacation Thoughts

I hope everyone is having a good summer. Even though the days are longer in the summer, for me summer seems to be the shortest time of the year. I feel like we just celebrated Memorial Day (which I consider the start to summer) and by the end of this month we will be close to celebrating Labor Day (which I consider the end of summer). I realize for some of you summer may not seem that short. I can see where you can say it has been a long, and especially hot, sum- mer. Still for me the weeks of June, July and August seem to fly by.

I am having a very good summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed and have been blessed by the church trips I have taken with our youth this summer. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on these trips. I enjoyed the Morn- ing Star Ringers Handbell Trip as they played for some of our Moravian churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I enjoyed the time with several of our young people on the Youth Beach Trip where we celebrated the end of another year of Youth Fellowship and grew closer to each other and to God. I enjoyed our Senior High Mission Trip as our group of youth and adults served some of the homeless in the Staten Island, New York area. Some might call these “vacation” trips, yet I hope everyone would consider the planning and work that goes into these trips and for the adults going the great amount of responsibility we have for the safety and welfare of everyone during these trips.

Another good part of my summer has been taking some vacation time. Kathy and I had a chance to spend a few days in the mountains and our family spent a week at the beach. Throughout the summer I have heard how some of you have also enjoyed your vacation time. Some of you have traveled out of the country. Some have traveled across our country. Some have not gone so far, but you and your family have gotten away for a little while. Vacations are good, and I hope when you get the time to vacation that it includes a chance to rest, relax, recharge your batteries, and take a break from your daily routine.

For this article I do not want to just talk about our personal vacation trips. I also want to tie in some thoughts about our church. On vacations besides taking a break from your work and regular activities, you also take a break from our church (I hope when you are away you attend another church service on Sunday mornings). We miss you on those Sun- days you are away, and it is always great to see you back at Olivet when you get back home. There are others who seem to have taken some extended vacation time from our church. The time away from Olivet is not because of being out of town, but for other things. There are those who cannot come due to health reasons and life circumstances. There are also those who choose not to come. For whatever reason, please know we miss you when you are away. It is always great to see you at Olivet. If you are one who has chosen not to come, I hope you will change that choice and come back soon.

A final vacation thought is when it comes to vacations, God never takes one. The Bible talks about how the Lord is always with us and always watches over us. We should also never take a vacation from God. You and I need to always be His faithful followers wherever we are. Whether home or away, may we always love the Lord and show it in the way we live. May you also let our church be a place to learn more about God’s love, to share God’s love with each other, and to grow in God’s love which will enable us to share God’s love with the world!

In Christ’s love and service,



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