Watchword Theme and Goals for 2012

At our last service of 2011, Bolton Beroth drew our church’s watchword for 2012. The reason I am sharing this with you now is I did not have this information when I wrote my article for the January newsletter. Bolton drew a great verse of Scripture for our church which is:

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him.”
Psalm 103:11

Here we see a great verse about how much God loves us. God’s love is higher than the heavens!
This past month our Joint Board had its Joint Board Retreat. At the retreat our Joint Board established a

theme for our church this year which is based on this year’s watchword. Our theme for 2012 is:

Show to others the love God has shown to us!

The retreat also included setting goals for this year. Many people in our church shared their suggestions of what they wanted to see happen at Olivet this year. From the suggestions and from the thoughts of our Joint Board, our Board of Elders and Board of Trustees came up with the following goals for 2012:

Outreach to new developments
Offer support groups
Fundraiser activities for funds, fellowship and publicity Be intentional with Time and Talent sheets Evaluate our kitchen and make any needed improvements Evaluate the current use of our facility

I believe we have a lot of great things to look forward to this year as a church family. Our watchword is a wonderful reminder of how God loves us and how we need to fear God, which means to honor Him. May we honor God and show our love for Him as we love Him, as we love each other, and as we share God’s love with the world!

May 2012 be a year for us to show the love God has shown to us, and may we experience the many blessings that will come from it!

In Christ’s love and service,


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