A Value Lesson For Some of the Main Things to Value!

As we begin the month of June, we are about three weeks from Mother’s Day and about three weeks to Fa- ther’s Day. This article is for moms and dads, but it’s also for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who has the opportunity to impact the lives of children and youth.

When it comes to my daily Bible reading, I read from a Men’s Devotional Bible. Scattered throughout its pages are devotions which add meaning of the Scriptures. One of the devotions shares the following story:

Years ago the largest mail order seed company in the county decided to go out of business despite the fact that sales were higher than ever. Unfortunately, so were the nonpayments by their mail order sales force. For nearly fifty years, the company had been supplying seeds to children who would sell them door-to-door, mostly in rural communities, to raise money. In recent years, the nonpayment rate to the company had risen steadily, until it reached 70 percent. The average age of these delinquent salesmen was ten years! The final straw came when the company attempted to contact the parents, hoping they would help in collection, only to discover that the parents actually encouraged the kids not to pay.

The writer goes on to say the symptom described is nonpayment of a just debt, but the problem runs much deeper. It involves basic values that parent fail to instill in their children. The lack of integrity in the parents is reflected and amplified in the lives of their children. It’s unfortunate that later these parents probably won’t understand why irresponsible children become irresponsible adults.
Parents (and all who have the opportunity to influence children), one of our great responsibilities is to teach and instill values in our children and youth. Much of this teaching and instilling comes from the examples we show. When it comes to honesty, do your children see you being an honest person? When it comes to having a good attitude about life, do your children see you with a good attitude? When it comes to handling difficult situations, do your children see you handling tough times in strong and hopeful ways? And what kind of spiritual example do you set? When it comes to God, do your children see God making a difference in your life? Do they see God’s Church being an important part of your life with God? Do they see you reading your Bible and following what it says?

In the message of the devotional, the example parents set many times are reflected in their children. There is a good chance that irresponsible parents will produce irresponsible children. I don’t think any of us want that for our children and youth. Have good values! Show them in the way you live! May some of the people you value the most, the children and youth you influence, have the opportunity to follow your example! And for those who have set a good example but your children become irresponsible anyway, pray for your children and continue to set a good example!

In Christ’s love and service,


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