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Each year when I teach our church’s Confirmation Class, one of the last things I do with the class is get together with them the Friday evening before Palm Sunday. We have a dinner at our home. Then we go to the church, and the class walks through what they will be doing during the Sunday service when they will be baptized or confirmed. The last thing we do that evening is have a time of sharing in the church parlor.

Throughout the years with each Confirmation Class I have taught at Olivet, I am always very impressed with our youth and appreciate the things they share. As I met this past month on that Friday evening with the class and as I heard what they shared, I thought to myself, “Boy, the things they are sharing are things I would like all of our members to hear.” The best way I know for all of our members to hear (or in this case see) something is through our church news- letter. For this month’s newsletter article, I want you to hear some of the things our youth have to say about our church which include the following:

I love coming to this church!
I feel a lot happier after coming to church!
Each time I come I feel I learn something more!
Being here makes me want to do things for the church!
If I come to church feeling stressed, I don’t feel the stress after church!
This is the best church I’ve ever attended!

In Matthew 21:16, Jesus shared the phrase “Out of the mouth of babes” in referring to the children praising him on
Palm Sunday. I think in the case of our Confirmation Class I can say “Out of the mouths of our young people!” At times I think we can forget all the good and thankful things we have in our church. At times that forgetfulness is seen in a person’s lack of involvement or lack of enthusiasm for our church. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the good things about our church and why it is good to be active in it. As our youth have shared, at Olivet we have a place where you can learn more about God! We have a place where you can come and feel better! We have a place that you can do things for God! We have a place where you can enjoy coming and that makes a difference in your life!

My hope and prayer is that you will come to Olivet and be able to say the same things. It is also my prayer that as you come, you will help us make Olivet, as in the words of one of our young people, the best church you’re ever at- tended!

In Christ’s love and service,


Confirmation Class 2011
Dusty Uhrig, Payton Campbell, Nevan Campbell
Lauren Waterman, Justin Myers

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