Recently Kathy and I visited one of the most awesome places. It’s not Olivet Moravian, although I feel our church is an awesome place and we have an awesome group of people. The place we visited was the Biltmore House in Ashe- ville. Before coming to Olivet when our family lived in Asheville, we purchased season passes for the Biltmore House and would go a few times during the year. This past year Kathy and I attended a marriage conference in Asheville in which we received some discounted Biltmore House tickets which we turned into discounted season passes.

Each time I visit I am more impressed with the home George Vanderbilt built. A house with 250 rooms with many of them elaborately decorated. A house that includes elevators, a heating system, fire alarms, an indoor swimming pool, and a bowling alley, and all this was built over 100 years ago! On our recent visit, Kathy and I took one of the behind the scenes tours which included seeing some incredible views of the house’s beautiful mountain setting from the roof- top.

There are times when I wonder if mansions like the Biltmore House will be in heaven. According to some versions of the Bible, Jesus says in John 14:2, “In my Father’s house are many mansions...” as he refers to heaven. Jesus goes on to say that he prepares a place for us there. Is Jesus preparing a mansion for you? Or is he getting a smaller home ready for you? Or is he at least putting up some type of condo for you? And then there is the bottom line question – will you be in heaven?

The Bible clearly points out the way to heaven. You go to heaven when you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ which is a decision you have to make while living in this life. I believe what awaits you in heaven is also based on the decisions you make in this life. In several places the Bible tells us that you will have to give an account for what you have done with your life. Scripture also points out that you will be rewarded for what you have done, and that reward can possibly include the type of place Jesus is preparing for you.

There are two questions I want you to consider. First, will you be in heaven? If you are not sure, please put your faith and trust in Jesus and live for him. Second, when you get to heaven, do you want to live in some low level housing for eternity or do you want a mansion? To get that mansion takes loving God and being faithful to Him. It takes living for God and not for yourself. It takes doing God’s will. It takes following God’s Word.

Please know that God has an awesome life for you here and now as you trust Him and follow Him. As you do, God has an awesome place waiting for you!

In Christ’s love and service,


You think this mansion looks good ... wait ‘til you see the ones to come!

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