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The Olivet Moravian Church is a church that has experienced God’s blessings for over 150 years. We are located in the western part of Forsyth County in the Pfafftown area. We are a church family that strives to meet the needs of our members and reaches out to help meet the needs of our community and world. The purpose of our church is seen in its mission statement:

The mission of Olivet Moravian Church is to enable individuals to find a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and to reflect his life in our life together and in our outreach to others.

At Olivet we want our church to be a warm and friendly place where you feel accepted and where you can experience God’s love and grow in God’s love. We are also a church that encourages people to use their talents and abilities for God and for God’s Church. At Olivet we feel God has done great things for us, and we want to be a church that does great things for God.

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Event Leadership 

Rev. Matthew Allen, Mission Leader/Preschooler Guide, pastor.mwallen@gmail.com
David Blum, Registrar, dlblum3901@gmail.com
Evie Blum, Director of Christian Education, olivet.dce@winstream.net
Andrew David Cox, Publicty, andrewcartwork.general@gmail.com

From Your Pastor

We are now well into the season of Lent. These six weeks before Easter are a very important spiritual time for us as we journey with Jesus to Jerusalem, rejection, suffering, and death. The forty days of Lent typically represent the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness, where He was tempted by the devil. It was spiritual “boot camp” in preparation for Jesus’ ministry and the ultimate battle between good and evil, when Jesus would defeat our sins at the cross and conquer death with the Resurrection.

For us, Lent is a time of spiritual examination and recognition of our sinfulness and mortality. We might give up something that is not good for us, such as sweets, soft drinks, salty foods, etc. that are tempting to us. That is an old tradition that many people still participate in and one that can be quite meaningful. Still others look at Lent as a time to give more of ourselves in devotion and service to Jesus. We intentionally spend more time in worship, prayer, study, devotion, and service to draw closer to our Lord. I encourage you to use the Lenten devotional each day, attend worship regularly, come to our Lenten Family Nights, go to the Provincial Days of Prayer, and attend each night of Holy Week. We cannot fully appreciate the joy of Easter Sunday without first experiencing the pain and death of Good Friday. We must be faithful to Jesus as He is always faithful to us.

I pray that each of us experiences Christ anew during this Lenten season and that we grow stronger in our relationship with Him. May it be a time of spiritual renewal for us and our church.

God bless and I’ll see you in church,



As you look through this website, we hope you will get to know who we are. We also hope you will come, visit and see for yourself what we have at Olivet Moravian. We might have just the place you are looking for.


Olivet Moravian Church
2205 Olivet Church Road
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 924-8063

About Us

Olivet offers a traditional Moravian style service on Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM. Using hymns and liturgies from the Moravian Book of Worship the worshiper is led to a point when the children have a special time with the pastor and then a Gospel Sermon is preached by the Pastor or the Pastoral Assistant.

Communion is offered some eight times during the year, and all professing Christians are welcome to participate.

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News from Olivet, The Regional Conferences of Churches, The Southern Province, and The Moravian Church in North America

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Olivet offers opportunities for growth and fellowship to a variety of ages. Contact our church office for more specifics, or check our calendar for dates and times.

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9:45 Sunday School
11:00 Worship

Throughout the year Olivet highlights certain special themes and topics during the Sunday Service.

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Articles from Olivet's print newsletter by Pastor Doug.

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